PostNL issued the “Discover Science” stamp in collaboration with the Nemo. Nemo is a science centre: an interactive, informal learning environment where the general public comes into contact with science and technology. Their main objective is to make children enthusiastic about science by doing science. By making the Discover science stamp interactive with the Cee Platform it fits perfectly in the philosophy of Nemo.

The children are invited to scan with the Cee App the 5 different stamps, representing 5 different phenomena, to get step by step tutorials about that specific phenomenon. Next to advantage of immediately engaging the children Nemo is also generating traffic to their website for even more tutorials on how to be scientific. For those who want to stay updated on new events and new tutorials it’s also possible to register for the newsletter.

In summary the Discover science stamp is made interactive with the hidden Chameleon Code for the sole purpose of engaging children, enriching the newsletter email database, generating traffic to social media and website. All of the content is created with the Cee CMS tools by Nemo employees.