ADN is a free daily newspaper by CEET (Casa Editorial EL TIEMPO) with national circulation in Colombia. It has five daily editions Monday through Friday: Bogota, Cali, Medellín, Barranquilla and Bucaramanga. And it seeks to keep readers informed about what is happening in their city, in the country and the world.

In their spirit of innovation, ADN wanted to offer their readers also contemporary means of receiving instant digital content. To reach their goals they have made their newspapers interactive with the Cee Platform. The idea is to offer their readers digital content by scanning an image with Cee App in the different segments of the newspaper. The ADN staff daily creates new content for each city.

The advantages of digital content is that it can entail exclusive content, more elaborate story telling, realtime updates of news, playing audio and video fragments, engagement by offering tools of opinionating such as polls and surveys and e-marketing tools such as email subscriptions, e-coupons, ordering system. Next to easily creating and updating daily, ADN has also the additional advantage of getting insight into the profiles of their readers through the elaborate analytics and reporting tools of Cee CMS.

One of the very first conclusions of the campaigns is the conglomeration of GPS location of readers, the reading routines throughout the day and the finding that people who have scanned earlier in the day also reread the content in the afternoon in the App. ADN is slowly but surely winning a secure place in the smartphone of their readers.