For the launch of Green Day’s new album, Warner Music together with Kinetic and TownTalker used the CEE platform to engage the Green Day fans all over Germany.

In nine major cities including Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich an OOH campaign with posters of the new album where set up on street fences / town walls inviting passer byes to scan the posters. When consumers scanned the poster with the CEE app, they could play a slot machine to win different prizes.

When three faces of the Green Day front man Billie Joe Armstrong appeared, the user won the jackpot: a trip to a Green Day concert in Europe. When three guitars appeared, the user received the electric guitar "Melody Maker Gibson Guitar. Finally, when three burning radios appeared, the user wins an exclusive Green Day Boom Box.
In addition, all participants who did not win one of the three prices received a discount code for a free download of the unreleased Green Day song.

This OOH campaign was a huge success among the fans and the cross-channel approach of using social media as secondary line of engagement created more awareness for the options the OOH medium offers to consumers.