Will you marry me?
This campaign was in collaboration with a Foundation named “Fundación Razas Únicas”, Actif Studio, JCDecuax, CEBA, Gabrica and CEE APP. This campaign aims to raise awareness about the responsability of having a pet and to generate responsible adoptions. Also, the campaign was created to help the foundation with the pets they have.

100 Mupis in Bogota.
5 different posters of 5 different dogs.
5 different videos of 10 sec: how to feed the pet, how to play with the pet, how to wash
   the pet, how to comply the pet, how to take care of the pet .
You can scan the posters and you accept to “marry” them, by clicking on “accept”, after watching the videos.
After clicking on “accept” you can get information of how to adopt, to godfather a pet, to donate food or medicines, to get more information and to share the content with the #yomecasecon (#imarrymy) in social media.

Every time the people scan, they donate a plate of food.
Everytime the people share the content in their Facebook, they donate a plate of food.
Help the Foundation giving them Food and Medecine.
Create awarness of having a pet.
Pushing the people not to buy a pet, but to adopt one.

Until March 9 there were 5.598 plates of food that have been donate.
On March 6 Actif did a small event where the people could “marry” their pet.
The campaign was also discussed and promoted on radio The campaign was in 2 different magazines: