DWM facebook post

De Wakkere Muis is a children’s Book publisher whose books aim to build a bridge between the highest reading level and the children's / youth novel, and above all promote the pleasure of reading. In doing so, they use is made of textual, visual and other sensory means, such as adding fragrance pages. Additionally, they also have been using the CEE Platform for the past 6 years to add an interactive layer to their books. Over 20 books have been made interactive and the added value of combining online content with printed books has been reason enough to continue the collaboration.

For the fall break the publisher decided to setup a Facebook campaign to incentivize followers to pick up their books from their bookshelves. Every day a new post was send out, inviting them to scan the cover of one specific book in order to immediately participate in a trivia game concerning that book. This was a great way of getting children to pick up their books, engage with the content and use their free time during their fall break to read up on these books.

The trivia game and the daily scannable books are capabilities of the CEE Platform where the time based content is automated. Our easy to use CMS (Campaign Management System) makes it ideal to setup guerilla campaigns within minutes.