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Win a Q-Music Calendar

Q-Music integrated the scanning functionalities of CEE App into their own App. Q-music App has a great install base and engagement rate with their target group. Multiple functionalities aside of streaming music are incorporated such as; traffic information, direct messaging, game & show participation. Q-music also wanted to engage their audience more through their offline marketing.

Scanning integration

By adding a scan function into their App, they were able to enrich their printed marketing so their audience can immediately engage in the game. A very important additional reason to add a scan option is to drive extra App downloads. By making the incentive/price interesting and the participation process simple they were able to push more App downloads.

Q-Music branded calendar

The campaign was to engage Q-music App users and drive extra downloads by offering each 100th person who scans a free Q-music branded calendar. The add was run for 5 days in a prominent Dutch national newspaper named Algemeen Dagblad. The mechanism of rewarding each 100th participant is a standard solution of the CEE back-end which is also delivered to clients who integrated the scanning option in their App

Back-end analyses

By simply integrating the CEE scanning functionality Q-music enriched their App to scan offline media. Additional to the scanning functionality they also receive an account in the CEE back-end to create and analyses a multitude of marketing campaigns.