The LDM Steinbeis Hochschule is a new modern institution and has an innovative look on education. For the promotion of their updated company brand they have used the Cee platform to stand out, engage the public, but also to accommodate the process of information flow. For the event they have coded their wall stand and all other promotional material such as folders, leaflets and business cards. Scanning these coded materials with the Cee App leads their audience to an environment with powerful tools created by the Cee CMS.

Next to advantages of going from print to online content, the Cee Platform had some additional advantages that the LDM Steinbeis Hochschule was gladly to use in their favor.

Up-to-date information
The Cee CMS is an easy to use content creation tool designed for fast creation and maintenance of pages without any necessary know-how.

Direct contact
After scanning, the content page is stored on the smartphone. The Call Me and Mail Me buttons make it easy to get in touch at any time.

Show route
With one click in the content page the smartphone user is directed via a navigation app to the college.

Automation of application forms
The advanced registration form of the Cee CMS sends automatic confirmation mails to the registrants containing the application forms as attachments.

Collect emails
By using the registration form, the college can collect emails of potential students and add them to their mailing list.

All data of interaction is accessible to the college, such as time and location of potential students.