The CEE CMS is an integral part of the CEE Platform and initially its sole purpose was to make content creation for Smartphones accessible for everyone. Currently we are proud to present the 3rd update of our CMS which by now can do much more than create pages.


When the first postage stamps were issued in the 1840s, they followed an almost identical standard in shape, size and general subject matter. Now, with the help of CEE Platform it's possible to create a unique multimedia stamp showing Finland's Nuuksio National Park.

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We are always excited to meet all the needs of our clients. For this sole reason we have built the Order Form module. Innovation is a key element of our company and the CEE Platform has a reputation to keep for being the most complete and innovative platform in the field of Mobile Tagging Campaigning.

The CEE Platform has once again been enhanced with a new major functionality. We proudly introduce a new Tagging Solution: Audio Coding. The easiest and fastest way to go from audio or video to mobile marketing.