A second screen experience with CEE scan technology

We have a great new example how to use the CEE scan technology to make a TV show interactive and offer Second screen experience to your audience for the prupose of retaining attention but also for activating your audience.

Initally, the dutch media icon Chantal Janzen had integrated the CEE scan technology into her own App to make her fashion/lifestyle magazine interactive. By adding the scan option into her App she has offered her readers the oppurtunity to directly make a purchase of a product they discover in the magazine. Understanding the potential of the CEE Multiscanner she has chosen to use the already included video recognition technology to make her show interactive as well.

During her weekly prime time show, her audience can scan the show at any time. Depending on the segment of the show different content is shown that is contextual.  During a single show there are 7 to 10 different landingpages that either engage or activate the audience. Some examples of types of content are:

  • Scan to shop the outfit of the host of the show
  • Scan to participate in a poll or survey regarding the specific topic of that segement
  • Scan to register to win tickets of the artist performing during the show
  • Scan to participate in games to win special prizes ( games such as wheel of fortune, trivia quiz)
  • Scan to view exclusive content about a specific segment or guest

We are very happy to see the enagegement-rate of the viewers who are eager to have a more active role in enaging with the TV personality, her brand and the guests. Chantal Janzen is a well known TV personality who is known for her spontaneaty and her drive to try new things. Her innovative approach for launching her cross-platfrom brand has been a great example for many others.

The addition of the scan technology into her App forms the glue between all these different media outlets. The scan option is the connector between the real world and the digital world enables her App to seamlessly cross between one channel to another at any moment the audience decides to enagage with the brand. Her magazine, her TV show, her online platform, her print ads, her App, all work together to keep her audience in a loop whenever they desire.

Embedding the multiscanner in any app is easy and it instantly opens a world of possibilities for cross media campaigns. You can create a second screen experience on TV magazines, packaging, radio, or simply put: Anything. Want to know more?

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