CEE goes to Chile

We are very happy to announce that the CEE Platform has been launched in Chile in the OOH market. CEE platform in collaboration with Clear Channel Chile have create a great concept to enhance the OOH experience by making all the digital displays in Santiago interactive with the CEE App.

The OOH market is a great breeding ground for innovation and the CEE Platform contains the perfect combination of front-end and back-end tools to immediately make great leaps forward. The OOH market is signified by the enormous reach it has and therefore it makes it the ideal media to find ways to increase the engagement with this medium. The CEE platform is an all-in-one platform that contains the technology to scan OOH posters, billboards, and digital displays. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. CEE platform also contains a Campaign Management System where one can create mobile landing pages with a large variety of marketing tools and also analyse the results of each campaign.

For Santiago we have teamed up with Clear Channel to make all the digital displays scannable with the CEE App. In any location, any format of Clear Channel consumers can scan the ads to participate in draws and games. This is a great way to engage the consumers on the GO with their surroundings. Next to the general win campaigns we offer the brands the option to create specific campaigns to activate their specific target group.