CEE App on Finnish national television

When the first postage stamps were issued in the 1840s, they followed an almost identical standard in shape, size and general subject matter. Now, with the help of CEE Platform it's possible to create a unique multimedia stamp showing Finland's Nuuksio National Park.

The national park postage stamp isnuuksiStamp400px a joint project of Itella Posti Oy and Metsähallitus Natural Heritage Services. The postage stamp series on national parks portrays Finland’s special natural features during different seasons, the fourth stamp in the series depicts Nuuksio National Park. This postage stamp is the first Finnish stamp with invisible multimedia extension. Using our CEE Platform, Itella enhanced the image of the stamp with a hidden Chameleon code. When scanned with the CEE app users will be directly linked to a spectacular video with beautiful scenes of Finnish nature.
The stamps were issued on 6th of May 2013 and became a huge succes in Finland. In a country where nature is an intergral element of the national identity, people really loved the innovative touch which led to a beautiful video of their nature. The stamps were sold at multiple locations and even made it to Finnish national television.