Integrate a scan option into your website without hassle!

Although QR-codes and Augmented Reality have been introduced decades ago, we finally see that the application of these technologies are gaining maturity. When we started in 2010 working on the offline-online connection we were convinced that in the near future everything we see in the real world could be made actionable. The camera capabillities of smartphones made them the ideal tool for bridging the gap between the real world (offline) and the online world.

Since 2010 we have used a multitude of technologies that facilitate the transition from offline to online. However awesome these technologies were, there was always one threshold companies could not get over. Namely, that the consumer would firstly need to download an App from the store to be able to initialize the recognition software.

We have worked with many brands who already have a strong base of App downloads, and the addition of a scan plug-in into their existing App makes sense in these cases.

But we also had to disappoint many SME’s who did not have an App strategy. For this group of companies, we are now introducing the option to integrate a scan option into their existing website. Companies who use print (folder, brochure, magazine, posters) or video (digital displays, TV) to reach their audience, can now activate their target group by offering them the option to scan their offline media with their smartphone through their website.

Attention is one of the most valuable assets in the current area. We believe that once you have the attention of your target group it’s critical to convert that small amount of attention into action. The best way to do this is to facilitate the conversion of offline attention by using the smartphone to recognize offline media and deliver online content. Our easy to install plug-in gives print and video the online-power it can have. Make sure to always make attention actionable!

Try the demo version by opening the following page in your smartphone Then, click on scan while pointing your camera at the image below.

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