Image recognition on Windows phone? Yes, we can!

Endeavour Media is proud to present the CEE App for Windows Phone. The CEE App is one of the first apps for Windows Phone that brings a functional Image Recognition technology to this platform.


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The philosophy of our company mandates that we do not reinvent stuff that already exists and works properly. In that case, we would cooperate with other companies to bring as much useful technologies as possible to the consumers. When we were asked by one of our first and loyal customers, Itella posti Oy from Finland, to develop the CEE app for Windows(obviously Finland is the home of Nokia) we came across a big dilemma. There was no Image Recognition tool available for Windows Phone that would fit our purpose. So nearly 10 months ago we started some pioneering work. The result is a fast and reliable Image Recognition engine that supports Android, IOS and Windows Phone. This makes the CEE App the first scanning app that scans 1d Barcodes, QR codes, Chameleon codes and uses Image Recognition on the three major mobile operating systems. We are currently considering to create this engine available for others. Scan these examples underneath and see our Image Recognition at work.


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