AudioCoding is here!

The CEE Platform has once again been enhanced with a new major functionality. We proudly introduce a new Tagging Solution: Audio Coding. The easiest and fastest way to go from audio or video to mobile marketing.  

In the past we added QR codes, Barcodes,Image recognition, NFC tags, and Chameleon codes into one single app. Now it's possible to add a unique code within a soundfragment which can be recognized by the CEE App and will lead your audience to a preset campaign page. Weather it'd be Radio, TV or YouTube, with Audio Coding you can get much more out of your campaigns.

Audio coding proces1Audio coding proces2Audio coding proces3Audio coding proces4







the Audio code is not to be confused with Audio Recognition software which analyses and compares sound to a database. The Audio code is a code we manually insert in a sound fragment. This addition to the sound cannot be detected by human hearing but can easily be recognized and decoded by the CEE App.
The possibilities are endless. Simply audiocode your commercials and lead your audience to your webpage or a campaign created with our own system: the CEE CMS. You can try it yourself right now! Open the CEE App and play the video below. The contentpage that is shown after the scan is created with the CEE CMS.

Audio coding try