CEE CMS goes far beyond Content Management

The CEE CMS is an integral part of the CEE Platform and initially its sole purpose was to make content creation for Smartphones accessible for everyone. Currently we are proud to present the 3rd update of our CMS which by now can do much more than create pages.



 We now can only speak of state of art CMS (Campaign Management System) dedicated to Mobile Tagging. CEE CMS is the easiest tool in the market to design multichannel marketing campaigns and track the effect of those campaigns.

What does this mean? This means that next to simply creating mobile webpages that are shown after a scan, we now have marketing tools to follow up on a scan and analytic tools to gain real-time insight. The consumers are already fed-up seeing flat webpages after scanning a QR code.  For this purpose we have integrated many elaborate engagement tools and lead generation tools but more importantly we have created a centralized system to track and analyze all results.


GPS based analytics (*)
Data about the location of engagement always has been important but as the mobility increases and general habits blur so does the accuracy to track and analyze these shifts, which in turn become crucial. That’s why we set the goal of surpassing the most common analytics tools that only track locations based on IP addresses. These tools provide inaccurate data because an event may occur in Amsterdam while the internet provider is situated in another city. The CEE CMS tracks true GPS locations of each event such as a scan, a click, or a registration to name a few. This way you get to know the exact place of engagement, together with other metrics such as time and language. It is the most efficient and accurate way to really get to know your audience and their habits.

 icon MPR

Poll results and email database enrichment

The most fun & low threshold way to receive customer feedback and create engagement are visual polls. Our Poll module is easy to create but more important is that the results can directly in the menu next to other collected data. To make the poll even more complete we have integrated two more options: show results after a vote and add an email address after voting. Turn your poll from an engagement tool and feedback tool to an e-mail enrichment tool.

 poll handpoll results

Survey results and email database enrichment

For more elaborate feedback or input the CEE CMS survey is the way to go. Set up your survey with multiple choice answers, dropdown list answers, rating scale answers, text and numerical box. All the collected input can be viewed in the CMS where graphs and plots visualize the results for easy reading. It’s also possible to add an email field in the thank you page in order to enrich your email database.



Dynamic E-coupons (*)

The e-coupons have always had a central part in our system because it’s the best way to generate foot traffic to the shops. The static coupons of CEE CMS already have very useful options such as easy access of saved coupons within CEE App and 48h push notification. The 48 hour notification is a great way to uplift the redemption rate because the CEE App user receives a push notification 8 hours before the coupon expires. Just enough time to plan a visit to the store. The Dynamic Coupon has extra options such as setting limitations to the amount of coupons and generating unique codes after a coupon is saved. The amount of coupons left will be shown in the app to exemplify the exclusivity. The coupon code generator is the best way to create unique barcodes for tracking and validation.


Advanced Registration Forms

The registration form has been the key module since the very first platform in 2011. Since then the standard registration form has evolved into a very elaborate form with a lot of design freedom. Just as with any other engagement and lead tool in our System the collected data can be viewed and downloaded from a central place within the CMS. What makes the Advanced Registration form unique, is the control you have about what happens after a registration. Two major options differentiate this form; the redirect interval and the forward interval. The forward interval entails that you can decide after how many registrations the excel list with results is forwarded to a certain email. This is a great option to stay real-time update with the submissions. The redirect interval is a great way to set up your ROI beforehand. You decide after how many registrations a consumer is redirected to another page. This second page can be a coupon or any other URL with a reward.