case-etos-image-banner.jpgETOS is a large drugstore in the Netherlands and they wanted to launch a feedback campaign to gain insight in the customer satisfaction of all 560 stores. Together with our partner RetailReality we set up this campaign by using a QR code and our Cee Feedback Pack. The QR codes are distributed in the store as a flyer after each transaction. The customers can either scan the QR code or enter the URL to find the survey. To make it more appealing to the customers they have added the option to enter a sweepstake.

Next to the obvious customer engagement and customer feedback ETOS is also using the campaign to enrich their e-mail database for their e-mail marketing. To take it even further, the survey has a built in hidden question for dissatisfied customers. If they check the dissatisfied box they get a new question to add an email or phone so that the shop can help solve any issue.
The Cee survey is a complete tool for designing a variety types of surveys but also for collecting input, creating reports and it contains easy data managing/export tools