Testski.nl is an online platform which collects reviews on ski’s and snowboards. Next to collecting data and making it available to the public they also organize a trip to Austria 2 times a year. In this trip all the newest ski’s and snowboards are available to test for free during this weekend. After testing the equipment the users are asked to fill in the reviews on the testski.nl website. For the trip of November 201ey asked CEE to come up with a modern and interactive solution.

Since there are more than 400 different types of ski’s and snowboards we chose to add a general QR-code sticker to all of them. Scanning the QR-code with an App leads to one landingpage from which you can specify your gender and brand to be redirected to a specific REVIEW page.

By simply using one QR-code the logistics problem was solved not to add over 400 unique barcodes. By adding a QR-code with simple steps which lead to the correct review it becomes much easier for users to give a review. The App also has the advantage to remember the settings of each user and prefills the general information in each new survey.

All the results are collected within the CEE CMS profile of Testski.nl where they can view, export or delete all their data. For this campaign Testki.nl uses the CEE Feedback Pack.