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Venture Café Rotterdam is a member of the Venture Café Foundation, a global network set out to connect startups, venture capital and corporates, and everybody who has an interest in the startup ecosystem. Every Thursday there is a weekly gatherings from 15:00 till 20:00h, either to have a drink and meet interesting people, or attend one of the hosted Breakout Sessions.

CEE Platform offered to make the VentureCafe logo interactive for the purpose of engaging the visitors during the event directly with the programm but also by providing up to date information. These are a couple of advantages of adding interactivity to the event:
• Showing the latest program (print less paper).
• Social Media promotion
• Generate webtraffic
• Option to subscribe to the newsletter.
• Making direct contact with the team possible
• Sending feedback through our feedback tool.
• Getting insight in visitors interests and behaviour
• Easy option to share the page to invite friends and show the route to the event.
• Playing a new trivia game every week and make prizes available that are given away by other members in order to promote more collaboration.