scan and doemee

A great example of a crossmedia campaign put into practice to promote a new brand and connect with an audience is the AndC media platform. AndC media is a new media brand built around the Dutch celebrate Chantal Janzen. It consists of a mobile App, a website, blogs, a fashion magazine and a TV show. In stead of treating these as separate media outlet AndC has chosen to use the CEE Platform offline-online connector to merge this different media types. By adding the CEE scan option into their own App they are able to utilize their App to connect their magazine and their TV shows to their online content.

Recently they have used our Video Recognition technology to make a TV show scannable with their App. The TV show is divided into 3 different segments that lead to different kind of content.

1. Scanning the first part of the TV show leads to a webshop where you can view the clothes Chantal Janzen is wearing and you can purchase these directly from their online shop.

2. The second part of the show is about a story of a girl struck by lightning. When scanning this part you can participate in a poll about lightning and engaging information about this phenomenon is shared

3. In the third part of the show a special guest is promoting her musical. Scanning this part of the show you can register to win free tickets for the show and view  the trailer to the show.

By adding a scan function to their App, AndC is able to drive more App downloads and engage their audience in new meaningful ways. Watching a TV show and using the App as a second screen by scanning the TV screen transforms the experience from a passive one into an active.