Google week training at Unilever Pakistan 

Unilever organized a week event for its employees to educate on new Google’s features. Before and during the event CEE Platform was used to inform, quiz and excite all the participants. The event logo was enhanced with Image Recognition technology and was scannable with the CEE App. Three days before the event and five days during the event scanning with CEE App resulted each day in a different landing page. In order to create multiple flexible landing pages, the CEE CMS was used to offer time based content.

Each day a contest with new question was available to test the employees on their knowledge on Google. Next day the winner of the previous day was announce in the App in order to create continuous engagement with the App. Each day the program of the moment and information about the speakers was shown. In order to make communication both ways possible a comment box and a survey for rating the day was included.

By activating the pamphlets, posters and the logo with CEE Platform Unilever could offer minute to minute program, daily new digital content, engagement through contests and receive input about the experiences of the attendees.