Coca Cola is always looking for new ways to  service the consumers by personalizing and delivering on demand. Coca Cola in Bogota has teamed up with the Cee Platform to create a new concept for delivering products on demand. Simply by encoding a fridge magent with the Cee Code and using the Cee CMS to create an orderform the customer can order from the comfort of their home. 

The orderform is easy to set up and the foremost characteristic is the intuitive user interface that garantees a positive user experience. Once the order has been filled in, the Cee App remembers the filled in name and adress for an even faster second order. All the Orders can be viewed and managed in the Cee CMS but are also send real time to an email and server. Cola set out to offer the consumers an easy to use tool and a quick delivery to meet their immidiate demand. 

The Coca Cola Magnet project is currently being enrolled in different city regions. By using Location Based Content Coca Cola can structure this regions. Simply by adding a GPS location with a Radius one can show different orderforms that are connected to different regions for better logistiscs and thus even faster response time.