Tigo is the third largest mobile phone company in Colombia. Tigo understood the diversity of the Cee Platform and it has become the first company to use our platform for HR purposes. It has enhanced their employee cards with the hidden Chameleon code. When scanning with the Cee App, the employees are redirected to a secured webpage which is managed by Tigo on a regular basis.

The easy to use Cee CMS is ideal for updating the webpage and keeping the employees informed with each new Scan. Additionally, the Tigo employees can follow the webpage within the Cee App. An extra benefit of the communication between Cee App & Cee CMS is the easy way to send update notifications to followers within the App.

Next to top-down communication Tigo has also used the platform to accommodate bottom-up communication. By using the Cee CMS module “Comment Box” they made it possible for employees to give input. Employees can anonymously enter ideas or comments within the contentpage. This information is automatically emailed to the concerning department.

The Tigo employee card has become a great internal communication tool for all levels within the Company.

tigo vissual