Q-music, one of the Netherlands most popular radio stations, integrated the CEE scanning functionalities into their own app. For the OOH Campaign of June 2017, they choose to use the interactive possibilities their App offers by activating all the posters in the Netherlands. Besides the scanning technology, CEE also created a custom spin wheel game to engage their audience.

After scanning the posters with the Qmusic App the users are redirected to the spin wheel game where they have 3 spins to win a price. The main price is winning tickets to one of Q-Musics " Foute feestjes " party. This so called "Foute feestjes " is a themed party based on their radio show ”Foute uur” which is built around silly songs such “Barbie Girl”. All the participants that do not win the main price do get the chance to register by email for the lucky draw of the extra tickets.

The CEE CMS offers great tools for creating landing pages and analyzing campaign results thanks to the elaborate analytics tools. Next to the existing tools we also offer custom solutions. We built custom games or other custom features that help our clients reach their specific goals.

The Q-music win a ticket game has shown to be a great way for Q-Music to boost their engagement rate and their App install base. By installing the CEE SDK in an existing App, it not only offers the possibility of making print interactive but it also becomes an App install driver.

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